Brands and Services

Everything the SuperCool Group does contributes to a better world in which food wastage is minimised, CO2 emissions are reduced, the cold chain is more efficient, and mobile and stationary air-conditioning and refrigeration delivers cleaner air with minimum environmental damage.

SuperCool’s diverse range of products and services include the sourcing, supply and manufacture of products to the mobile, industrial and commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration industries, plus the provision of best-practice consultancy services and solutions to these sectors.

UNICLA is an established and respected name in mobile equipment compressor design and manufacturer that was established in Japan in 1964.

It is universally acknowledged for its robust compressor design and manufacture of high quality small-to-large capacity compressors (45cc to 675cc) for the transport air-conditioning and refrigeration industry.


Refrigeration Technologies develops and manufactures the Viper range of food safe, environmentally responsible service and maintenance chemicals for the mobile and stationary HVAC/R industries

Refrigeration Technologies products align perfectly with SuperCool’s mission to seek out and supply products that contribute to a safer world and a safer workplace.


Burgaflex is your one-stop shop for air-conditioning and refrigeration grade hoses, fittings, pipes, tubing, brake lines and air lines, all manufactured in Europe to stringent industry standards by a company with years of experience and testing.

Distributed by Burgaflex Asia Pacific, Burgaclip is the world’s quickest to assemble, most reliable, durable and extensive refrigerant flexible hose-fitting system for mobile and stationary air-conditioning and transport and stationary refrigeration applications.

READ MORE is a complete range of premium HVAC&R lubricants that offer reliable, precision performance. The range replaces multiple oil brands with one easy to handle solution, so that you can use with confidence.

Developed in consultation with industry experts and OEMs, the range includes synthetic POE, PAG, PAO, mineral and assembly lubricants in a range of viscosities.


The SuperTest facility in Queensland is an accessible and affordable purpose-built environmental test centre that accurately and scientifically validates the performance and efficiency of mobile and stationary HVAC/R systems and components, simulated in real-world conditions.

As the only facility of its kind in Australasia, engaging SuperTest to assess equipment designs and operational processes enables your team to certify, make refinements or improve the overall design before you commit to large investments, with the potential to make substantial up-front savings and minimise ongoing costs.

The controlled temperature in all three SuperTest environmental chambers – including one big enough accommodate Australia’s largest known registered vehicle – can range from -20°C to +55°C with 40 to 98% RH in a steady state.


Reliable, accurate temperature monitoring and tracking is a competitive necessity for anyone in the business of transporting and storing foods, pharmaceuticals, flowers, animals, electronics, chemicals and any other temperature sensitive product.

Euroscan technology prepares any refrigerated fleet – whether a single vehicle or a hundred trucks, trailers and cold rooms – to meet stringent HACCP food safety accreditation standards that are designed to ensure food quality and integrity is maintained from the point of origin to the customer’s shopping basket.


The SUPERSENSE range of products has been developed by a dedicated team at SuperCool to provide time-saving and uncomplicated compliant processes to measure core and surface temperature of any predetermined product in the cold chain and cold storage industries to improve standards and practices for the transport and storage of refrigerated food and pharmaceutical products.

SUPERSENSE SMARTprobe is a product simulation probe that mimics the core temperature of any predetermined product, eliminating the necessity to insert temperature sensors and thermometers into chilled or frozen goods. SUPERSENSE SMARTware is a software application that calculates the temperature of food products in various environmental and refrigerated conditions.


When hooking up your equipment to an air-conditioning or refrigeration unit, the only way of being certain what you’re getting into is by first using a refrigerant identifier.

SuperCool Group imports and distributes Neutronics identifiers, which are made in the United States and considered the best in the business.


SuperSchool is the trusted source for practical, real-world HVAC&R training.

Bridging the gap between traditional tertiary education and specific on-the-job training, SuperSchool's courses are grounded in profitable outcomes.